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29/07/2016 19:57

Who's Cumming Updated

The Who's Cumming list was updated on the 26th and is now available on the website. I will try to update it showing payments about once a week. OnOn Rumple
14/07/2016 17:35

BNH 2017 Sold Out

As predicted, the BNH 2017 event sold out quickly.  If you did not get registered, sign up for the waiting list.  There are always Hashers who have a change of plans, forgot it was thier non-hashing spouse's birthday that weekend, or wind up under house arrest before the event.  We...
21/06/2016 10:33

BNH in Kortrijk

THe 2017 version of the Belgian Nash Hash will be in Kortrijk.  Registration is open and filling up fast.  100 slots are available and 80 have already been spoken for so quit ready this and head to the Registration Link to get yourslf registered before all the slots are gone
12/05/2016 20:06

Photos from BNH

I have collected photos from various Hasher's cameras that were at the Belgian Nash Hash and posted them to our Fotki Archives.  The run photos are under thier respective run #'s (1499,1500,1501) and the party pictures are under 2016/Having Fun/BNH Saturday Party.  The photo's filename...
28/04/2016 09:09

Photos From BNH

If you took photos at BNH-2016 and would like them added to the BMPH3 archives, we are interested in having them.  Once your photos are cleaned up (i.e. turned the right direction and bad shots deleted), contact me and I'll work with you to find the easiest way to pass them to me.  I can...
20/03/2016 12:15

Who's Cumming List Updated

THe Who's Cumming List for Belgian Nash Hash has been updated.  You can find it under the Special Events Tab.
26/02/2016 14:26

BNH Facebook Abuse Page Open

We have opened the BNH Facebook page for random comments.  It is intended for UNOFFICIAL correspondence on the event.  Find out what your fellow hashers are doing for the event or simply inquire with the "Information Desk".  Return back to for OFFICIAL information and...
04/11/2015 14:00

BMPH3 Xmas party fully booked

A mad rush considering we only opened two weeks ago! Congratulations to Boar Whore who JUST made it. We'll get in touch with participants on 16 November with payment instructions. On On! Higgins, your friendly BMPH3 Hash Ca$h
02/11/2015 12:00

BMPH3 Xmas party is only 6 weeks away

Guys it's time to air your tuxedo, see if you still fit in your pants and shop for a bow tie to replace the one you lost during the Full Monty last year. Girls splash some money for your 2015 fab dress, take an appointment to the hair dresser and make sure he got bubbly in the fridge. Venue is...
01/11/2015 00:00

Welcome to our brand new website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website after years procrastinating. Open a cold beer and check what we're up to. On On! Higgins, Webmaster ad interim

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