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·         Red Dress or Something Red for Pub Crawl

·         Be Zen and Go Back to Nature Costume (USA) Fancy Dress (UK)

·         Towel (YH charges 6€)

·         Runners require a change of shoes and clothes for Saturday run (you will get wet!)

·         Warm clothes and rain jacket, as the weather is unpredictable in Belgium (RA’s, get to work!)

·         Tea Bags / Coffee / French Press (Their tea and coffee is not the best.)

·         Drinking Vessels for beers and shots



Let’s do our part for the environment and try to reduce waste. We will issue all hashers 1  x 50 cl fashionable water bottle. This is your bottle for the weekend.  You can fill it up at any time. We will have a limited supply of cups for the losers. Please use your brain cell to remember to bring your shot glass on the Friday Trail and your drinking vessel/water bottle on the Saturday trail.  Let’s try to use as few plastic cups as possible.


PRE RAMBLES: Extend the FUN in Belgium!

WEDNESDAY: 19:30: Brussels Blue Moon H3 Run No. 344 (10-15 km): The host provides dinner, and you must run the trail to earn your dinner.  Since, logistically, we cannot fit everyone at the dinner table, locals are given priority.  Contact Nut Bitch if you are interested:

THURSDAY: 19:30: GoNAD H3 Pub Crawl, Run No. 258, Place St. Catherine (in front of Church), Metro: St. Catherine. To have an idea of numbers, please contact Dirty Deeds if you will join:



If you have some music requests for the Saturday Night party, it would be best to make them now.  Contact Hose Me Down at:



Note that everyone should get a key. For your Friday night return, you will need this key to enter the hostel after 22:00.  The night entrance is on the left hand side of the hostel.


FOR LATE ARRIVALS: We will leave the hostel around 20:15. If you know you might arrive after 20:15, let us know so we can make arrangements. The hostel will have keys until 22:00, after that, see schedule for details.


CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS for HASHERS WILLLING to LEND a HAND: Contact if you are interested.

FOOD: Calling those maternal people who like to make sure we are well fed. We could use your help on Saturday at 08:30-09:30

BEER BITCHES: Be in the limelight during the circles, and you don’t even have to be witty! Wear something interesting like a dirndl, a funny apron or some cool hash gear and serve Down Downs to naughty hashers. We need help on Saturday & Sunday.



I have one person on the waiting list.  For my sanity, the last day for rego transfers is 26 March.  If you want to buy or sell a rego, drop us a mail:



On Sunday, we will have the website updated. Check out special events for the updated programme and general info. The Who’s Coming List has just been updated. It is almost current.


As usual, the still pertinent info from the previous mail is shown below for your convenience.


ONON to Kortrijk and Glorious Belgian Beer!





I am pleased to announce that our theme for Saturday night is Be Zen and Go Back to Nature!

WHY ZEN? The 2016-2017 BMPH3 Mismanagement theme is Zen. One uses Zen to find the trail, and also to relax and really enjoy the hash. With the craziness of Brussels, and the events over the last year, Zenning sometimes helps.

WHY NATURE? For Nash Hash, we are in the small city of Kortrijk, yet the city is surrounded in nature. To top it off, the coat of arms is 2 Wild Men. The Manneken Piss is also getting into the act.  Both images are attached.

BE CREATIVE! This theme is wide open for your interpretation. I will get you started: a Yogi, Flower Child, Buddha, Wild Man or Woman, a Plant, Pagan gods, Bruce Lee…. It can be anything that has to do with Nature or Zen.




On the English site, you may need to input the French spelling of Kortrijk: Courtrai

From Brussels, the ride is 1 hour, and there are 3 trains per hour.

There is one direct train from Brussels National Airport (BRU). If you don’t make this train you can always change in Brussels Central or Brussels Midi.

From Lille: the ride is 0:39, and there is an hourly train.


NEED A RIDE? Big Akula is Driving from Prague.  Contact him if you would like a ride:



For early arrivals: The hostel is closed between 11:00 & 17:00. If you arrive before the party train (17:21), I suggest that you hang out at one of the many pubs near the station and/or have some frites at the nearby frite stand until the party train arrives. The bar at the hostel only opens at 17:30. Alternatively, there are lockers at the station, so you could try to lock your bag and explore the city.

For stragglers: Too late for the party train? No worries, someone from the party train will lay a trail to the hostel.



The youth hostel does not offer parking, yet don’t panic, it is not very expensive to park.

The street parking is via 4411. You can either put in cash money or use your phone to pay. If you want to pay by phone, register your phone number first on It is required to pay between 09:00 and 18:00 on Friday and Saturday, and the cost is apparently 2,5 euro/24h.




(Last updated 27 Mar 2017)

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