Beer delivery mode

As of 1st September 2017 BMPH3 is entering a new era to make sure we never r*n... out of beer. This new delivery mode shall be known as "Dirty Harry" since it's inspired by the Clint Eastwood movie series that started in 1971. But why?
"Dirty Harry" is rolled out since we've r*n out... of BeerMeister(s) willing to serve for a full year, even part-time. Looking at the fact that BMPH3 has the best beer offering of the hashing world by far, every single week since 2005, this had to be expected at some stage. Actually we already had two short periods without BeerMeister back in 2004 and 2010. This time we thought about an alternative in advance and prepared the transition two years ago so no r*nning around like headless chicken. But how?
The new delivery mode sees a simplified logistics and relies on hashers with access to a 4-seater car. We are therefore asking these hashers on wheels to volunteer time once or twice a year and get rewarded with a free r*n as well as one extra credit for the Xmas party discount. But what?
The volunteer playing BeerMeister du Jour is provided with a shopping list, a big cooler, a small cooler and a collapsible box - that's it! No monster table and no stinking Down Down cups anymore; hashers will drink from their bottle, can or own drinking vessel. Acting Hash Tax will reimburse expenses cash on the day et voilĂ !
The aim is to keep offering 4 to 7 beer types, cider (new!) and water as well as some snacks on a best effort basis. This plan is foolproof as long as we have enough volunteers with wheels who can read, buy beer and ice and show up at the correct location on the right Sunday. Failing that we would have to resort to the nuclear option of "bring your own drinks" but I'm not worried at the moment knowing the number of beer lovers on our hash.
Plus volunteering for the job means you're guaranteed to have your favourite beer available that day ;-)
On On to Beer Paradise, one BeerMeister du Jour at a time!
Higgins, GM in the 21st century

in memoriam Cyberflasher 1963-2015

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