GM Roll of Honour

Founded 15 April 1990 by the Bryants, Osirio, Sutherland, Van De Ven
Mother: Dhaka H3, Bangladesh

Period Grand Master(s)


Cor "Blimey" Schouten
1992-1995 Mike "The Terd" O'Connor
May/Nov 1995 George "Featherlite" Neil
1995-1997 Mike "The Terd" O'Connor
1997-1998 Judith "Pussy" Neil & Tony "Try A Fuck" Fryer
1998-1999 Chris "Crisp Foreskin" Foreman
1999-2000 Ian "Spotti" Spottiswood
2000-2001 David "Mouldy Dick" Eaton
2001-2002 Anne "Scoobidua" Scobie
2002-2004 Martin "EeJackYerLate" Mutke
2004-2005 Pierre-Marc "Higgins" Lefebvre
2005-2008 Francisca "Dr PP" Vanherle
2008-2010 Jude "EZ Over" Sawyers
2010-2011 Tiffany "Dominicetrix" Fortney & Claire "Pink Panther" Ferguson
2011-2012 Claire "Pink Panther" Ferguson
2012-2014 Barry "Hash Hole" Rasberry
2014-2015 Claire "Pink Panther" Ferguson
2015-2017 Julie "Yark Sucker" Burgess
2017-2018 Pierre-Marc "Higgins" Lefebvre
2018-2019 Esben "Dr No" Andersen
2019- ???? Fenella “ Rack of Lamb” Dodd


in memoriam Cyberflasher 1963-2015

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