Special Events

On top of weekly r*ns BMPH3 also organises (bigger) annual themed events requiring pre-registration and advance payment due to logistic and budget constraints:


Belgian Nash Hash (Spring), rotating between youth hostels in Belgium

* Friday pubcrawl

* Saturday countryside trail

* Saturday dinner and theme party

* Sunday hangover city trail

 Who's Cumming to BNH 2020? 


World Peace Through Beer (United Nations Day in October)

* Trail with extra beerstops highlighting Belgium's biggest contribution to the World....BELGIAN BEER!


Zombie Apocalypse r*n (Halloween)

* Find the beer stop safe zone before the zombies snatch your life. Be ready to discover dark corners of Belgium...


BMPH3 Christmas Party 

          * Black tie dinner and party at a local Brussels restaurant

          * The Christmas poem

          * Annual photo slideshow

          * Awards of the year

          * Skits

          * Dancing

            Who's Cummi ng to the Christmas Party?    

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