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Once the circle is over hashers may like to continue socialising indoor while optionally filling their stomach in, regardless of the weather.
Hares will check for a restaurant/snack/private place near the venue (preferred option) opened on a Sunday evening and that would welcome our business for an 18:00 seating, with a menu offering a main + one beer/wine for €15-20. The closer to the circle location, the most likely to have a sizeable crowd.
Best option is to have a visual check of the place and menu, talk to the manager and get their phone number. We can then ask for a show of hands at the start of the circle and book on-the-fly.
If the venue has no such place a Brussels-based location near public transport would be a good alternative. Recommended places abound:
CITY CENTRE (i.e. no parking space)
* Monk (1000 Bruxelles) for a yummy spagbol
     42 rue Sainte Catherine  02/511.75.11
Poechenellekelder (1000 Bruxelles) for another yummy spagbol
       5 rue du Chêne  02/511.92.62
Little Delirium (1000 Bruxelles) for a pitta just across
       9 rue Marché aux Fromages
* Mniam Mniam (1040 Etterbeek) for a yummy pizza
     22 place Saint Pierre  02/732.52.50
* The Open (1040 Etterbeek) for French or Asian cuisine
     17 boulevard Saint Michel  02/735.49.89
* Le Coach (1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre) for burgers, salads and more
     20 boulevard Saint Michel  02/735.27.07
Bon appétit!

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